BookKiddo format

BookKiddo books are scrolling, vertical layout books accessed through a web browser on a smartphone or tablet. The format is based on a format originally designed for reading manga on a smartphone called a webtoon. If you are not familiar with the format, it may help to try reading some popular free webtoons on your phone to familiarise yourself with the format.

Dimensions and file type

The rendered .png must be 790 pixels in width. Height can be variable but the maximum height is 7000 pixels. A typical children’s book might be 12 pages of 7000 height each (including title and credits) but books may be substantially longer due to length of the text and text readability.

Text Size

Text needs to be readable down to 320 pixels in width (i.e. size of an iPhone 5 screen). To preview your BookKiddo book at these sizes, you can do so in any browser. First, open the image in your browser (right click -> open with -> chrome/ safari / ie / firefox). Secondly, open your browser’s developer tools and select to preview it as an iphone 5. This allows you to view the image as if it were on a phone.


Unfortunately, not every font installed on your computer is free to use in a published book. Fonts used in your project must be free to use in a published work. A good place to look for fonts is Fonts labelled “100% free” are generally okay to use. Fonts labelled “free for personal use” generally are not. If you need to use a non-free font, please ask and we can look into the cost of licensing it.


If you are submitting an original work, you must be the copyright holder for any work you submit. If you are reformatting a creative commons or public domain book into BookKiddo format, you agree to license your contribution under the same license as the original work.

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